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Flip Video Camcorder Resources


Flip Video Website
Flip Video Support (get answers, find out how, ask questions and get answers)


1. Hands on with the camera - a quick overview of the camera and how to use the camera.

2. Lets make a movie together - "Footloose"

3. On your own movie - (1) "Every day items," or "Read Along." (2) upload video clips to your computer (3) edit, clips, add a title, add credits, add music and save your final movie.

4. Make your own movie: (1) Divide into groups of two. (2) Select a picture book. (3) Pick-up a Flip Camcorder. (4) Move to assigned location (5) Storyboard your video (6) Shoot your video (7) return to the lab and download your video to each persons computer. <AT THIS POINT TAKE A SHORT BREAK> (8) Make a final product with the instructor

5. E-mail: (1) One volunteer to send a video to the instructor (2) Send a video to another person

6. Greeting Card: (1) One volunteer to send to the instructor (2) Send a card to another person

7. Snap Shot: (1) save to desktop

8. DVD - (1) prepare a video for DVD production (2) Burn your own "free" (3) Use Flip service $19.95 each

9. Online - Need to have an account

Free Digital Video Resources for Teachers and Students:

For Better Life (Inspirational video clips)

eMedia (UEN video resources)

Annenberg Media (free membership required)

Open Video Project

Reel Classics (Classic Movie Site)


Teacher Domain (Multi Media Resources for Classroom and Professional Development)

Field Guide

Video Classroom

Membership Required Video Resources for Teachers and Students:

Discovery Education (United Streaming)

PDF Guide to the sites listed on this page:

external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png
Video Resources for Educators and Students.pdf

Planning Tools:

  • [[space/showimage/VPS.pdf|Visual Portrait of a Story]]
  • [[space/showimage/Story Maqp.isf|Inspiration Portrait of Story]]
  • [[space/showimage/story_organzier.pdf|Story Organizer]]
  • Story Board

Story Mapping Tools

[[space/showimage/|Story Map]]
[[space/showimage/story_organzier.pdf|Story Organizer]]
[[space/showimage/storymap1_eng.pdf|Story Map 2]]
[[space/showimage/storymap2_eng.pdf|Story Map 3]]
[[space/showimage/storymap3.pdf|Story Map 4]]
[[space/showimage/story_map.jpg|Story Map 5]]


Director in the Classroom
K-12 Online Conference

Windows Movie Maker Help
PhotoStory Help
iMovie Help
iPhoto Help

SpyHop Handouts

[[space/showimage/5_step_process.pdf|5 Step Process]]
[[space/showimage/PSA_workshop.pdf|PSA Workshop]]
[[space/showimage/three-act_structure.pdf|Three Act Structure]]
[[space/showimage/build-a-story.pdf|Build a Story]]
[[space/showimage/shot_styles.pdf|Shot Styles]]
[[space/showimage/tips.pdf|Videography Tips]]
[[space/showimage/video_autobiography.pdf|Video Autobiography]]