Inquiry-Based Learning Outline

I. Opening Exercise (Celia) 30 Minutes
A. Crayon Activity-Use Handout
1. Inquire
2. Research
3. Answer
4. Tie together with discussion
B. Go over WebQuests found on QuestGarden

II. Interwrite Skills (Rachel) 30-45 Minutes

III. Essential Question and KWL(Tom) 30 Minutes [Envelope pairings]
A. Use Green Cards
B. Write down what they know about Inquiry-Based Learning
C. Write down what they want to know.
D. Use the sites on their card to to create a short presentation for the entire group.
E. Present so all get the information.

IV. Parachute Activity (Larry) 40 minutes
A. Create parachute
B. Test parachutes
C. Tie together and discuss applications for the classroom.

V. Essential Question Sort (Tom) 40 Minutes [Use white essential question cards, Rachel's PowerPoint, and Video examples
A. What two qualities are required for a question to be an essential question?
1. Requires the student to make a judgement.
2. Requires the student to develop a course of action.
3. Everything else is supporting.
4. Avoid questions like "what is?"
B. Rachel's PowerPoint
C. Look at cards and practice/discuss.
D. Look video examples of Inquiry-Based Learning in actions
1. Have them point out specific characteristics that make each example inquiry-based.

VII. Go over the Constructivist Lesson Plan form and complete for the crayon or parachute activity. (Larry)
Don't forget to complete the five E's at the bottom.

VII. Lunch

VIII. Divide by Subject

IX. Plan lesson plans and turn in a digital copy.