An inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by students is online. By providing links necessary to complete the quest, the student is able to focus on the material rather than spend time looking for it. The five-part WebQuest (Introduction, Task, Resources, Process, Evaluation, and Conclusion) promotes critical thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.


What is a WebQuest? [PowerPoint]
Building Blocks of a WebQuest

Bernie Dodge's Taxonomy of Tasks
Finding Four-Soaring Higher with WebQuests

Creating WebQuests

PowerPoint Template
WebQuests 101
MyUEN webpage -- use the Web Activity, or Curriculum Web Page tools at the bottom of the page (after you are logged in) to create a webquest that is available to students.
Web Quest Generator -- allows you to create the links and handouts for a webquest.

ITOO Technique


"Scaffolding is a temporary structure which provides help at specific points in the learning process. It allows learners to complete a challenging task, which they would not be able to accomplish without help."~Bernie Dodge. As a constructivist teacher you should orchestrate learning from a variety of inputs. Students should transform information from inputs into an output.

1. Outcome-What should they know and understand?
2. Outputs-What will they produce? Production Scaffolding
3. Thinking-Use 21st Century Skills and Rolls. Transformation Scaffolding
4. Input-Websites that the students would use. Reception Scaffolding
5. Carousel Feedback with a neighbor - explain your ITOO!

New and revised Bloom's Taxonomy

WebQuest Rubric and Evaluating WebQuests

eMINTS Webquest Collection:http://www.emints.org/webquest/
PowerPoint Rubric external image powerpoint.png thewebquestrubric_dc.ppt
Rubric: http://www.emints.org/webquest/rubric.shtml

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